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Nose art on the Consolidated B-24J Liberator "Bungay Buckaroo" S/N 44-44175

Consolidated Liberator "Bungay Buckaroo" S/N at the Pima Air & Space Museum

The Ladies - Album on Imgur

The Ladies

In the heyday of the bomber, pin up girls were painted on the sides of some of the aircraft to lift crewman moral (among other things). Here, we are highlighting some of the safe-for-work examples because, you know.

Artist Don Allen with 'Blondie' - one of his most iconic aircraft pieces #noseart

We've gathered 60 the best examples of nose art. Check out these lovely ladies painted on the nose of World War II fighter planes.

Fuddy Duddy

Close up of the nose art on the Flying Fortress bomber "Fuddy Duddy", Tail

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