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The look of the wild wolf.

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At Zoo Zurich in Switzerland, a Mongolian wolf pup born on April 25 is seen getting ready to be picked up by its mother. The small female is said to have an independent streak, but will soon adjust to living with the rest of the pack.

Tibetan/Mongolian Wolf and pup. The Mongolian wolf is also known as the Tibetan wolf or as a subspecies of the Gray wolf (Canis lupus chanco). It is a smaller wolf than it's cousin the Gray wolf and usually only weighs about 45 kg.

so beautiful... #planet_animals #wolf #pub                                                                                                                                                                                 More

so beautiful... #planet_animals #wolf #pub More

totem- this looks like my Malamute, Max

This is a wolf, but it looks just like a dog I had named Sage. She was the best furry friend I ever had.