Outono, ilustração de Paul Bransom (1885-1979).

Canção do outono — poesia de Mário Quintana

Outono, ilustração de Paul Bransom (1885-1979).

Jiwoon Pak

Jiwoon Pak is an illustrator and artist based in Seoul, South Korea. After studying fine art at the Valenciennes Fine art school in France, Pak return.


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Big Eyes  http://www.tugceaytes.com/2015/05/big-eyes-gozler-kalbin-aynasdr.html

Starting in the artist Margaret Keane began creating paintings of people and animals with oversized doe-eyes. The paintings gained widespread popularity in the but at the time Keane&

Can't find the original source, anyone know who painted this?  Would love to see more of their work.

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