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The Pseudoscientists: Part I by otherwise on @DeviantArt

are you ready for WORD WALLS This began as an attempt to redraw my old "Jekyll age meme" drawings and turned into what may be a tragic attempt to set do. The Pseudoscientists: Part I

Shoujo-y comic thing by otherwise

Practicing comics again and I over-analyze EVERYTHING. Recent development in the Jekyll and Hyde storyline. Jekyll has been under the impression all the. Shoujo-y comic thing

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Glass Scientists

Normally Hyde is much better at faking his East London accent, but he’s a little out of it right now. Thanks to everyone who wrote in with cosplay advice! A couple updates on that front: I re…

leopreston: “My copy of the comic Bleeding Heart arrived in the post recently and I instantly fell in love with the characters.

The Search for Henry Jekyll | midorilied

Various artwork for my webcomic The Search for Henry Jekyll. [Read the comic] [Support the series on Patreon]

Beautiful art :D. By http://squonkhunter.deviantart.com/

) Jekyll and Hyde sketch. :'D I like the general idea but i. jekyll and hyde

OTHER Dr. Jekyll by otherwise on @DeviantArt

Want to see art related to mrhyde? Scroll through inspiring examples of artwork on DeviantArt and find inspiration from our network of talented artists.

Jekyll storyboards by otherwise

Heeeey so I'm trying to develop my Jekyll and Hyde so that it's not just a string of cool-sounding happenings. THE SETUP IIIIIS: Hyde has just.

Comic practice - Confrontation by NakkiStiltz

just a flesh wound by otherwise on @DeviantArt

This is actually a commissioned comic! The request was to show dear Hyde's fear of mortality, as manifested by his fear of injury, even when . just a flesh wound

Sketches: Hyde and comics by otherwise on @DeviantArt

More sketches~ Becky came up with a character named Charlotte, who is timid and can teleport, and I adopted her. There is no doubt Hyde would LOVE her, . Sketches: Hyde and comics

Arythusa’s Designs of Jekyll and Hyde.

J and H meme by otherwise on DeviantArt

I did a meme for one of my artslam things Also to warm up. Also uhhh explanations.