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Potiche - Esposa Troféu - François Ozon (Potiche) - França


Moonrise Kingdom - Wes Anderson

Welcome - Philippe Lioret - França

Lemon Tree - Eran Riklis (Etz Limon) - Israel / Alemanha / França

Why Forrest Gump is one of the best movies ever made…

Why Forrest Gump is one of the best movies ever made...

Reading won’t solve your problems…

So let's all read instead.

The Grand Budapest Hotel

Film: War: Pan's Labyrinth quiz and discussion questions

PAN’S LABYRINTH ➢ 7 multiple choice Qs and answers ➢ 4 short answer Qs with answers ➢ 4 research Qs with links and answers ➢ 11 essay and discussion Qs (1 Q has 4 sub-questions; another question has 2 sub-questions; some questions are based upon quotations from the director; there is also a comparison question to The Cave Allegory in Plato's Republic.) 2 of the questions are aligned with the following: CCSS.RL.9-10.2 & CCSS.RL.9-10.3 ➢ A 14 page summary $ (image: movies in frames)