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Too funny and so true!

the x-ray tells all. yeah and the other one "my metabolism is slower than everyone else's" it all goes back to whether you take responsibility or or always blaming someone or something for your weight issues.

Been trying to lucid dream lately...

Been trying to lucid dream lately...

Radiology humor

Not a rad tech but this is so hysterical and so freaking true for many of us in the medical field Radiology humor

nails #skull #x-rays

Police in Sydney, Australia, released this X-ray of the skull of Chen Liu, who died after being shot in the head with a nail gun 34 times. Liu's bound body was found in a river in November.

As an Xray tech I love this one. This is so true

As an Xray tech I love this one. I hear so many people say Oh I'm just big boned

X-Ray Knee High Socks

X-Ray Knee High Socks (I hate socks, but this is one awesome exception!

Radiologic Technologist Logic | Teespring

Radiologic Technologist Logic

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Ok, it's a cheap shot.... but I defy you not to giggle. Yup, you've probably guessed by now, that this book Stuck Up! is written by doctors featuring their favourite objects tha have been 'misplace...

The things people ingest or insert and the stories ER staff could tell. So some people wrote a book about it.

learning about fifty shades of gray means studying radiology  overworked dental student

Just need to take 4 bitewings on this patient Will take 5 appointments overworked dental student

Open= bone breaks through skin. Closed=bone breaks but there is no open wound in the skin. Displaced=bone snaps into two or more parts and moves so that the two ends are not lined up straight. Comminuted= bone breaks into many pieces.

Common Types of Bone Fractures, Chart from the Mayo Clinic.