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TWO PLANES ESCORT TRIANGLE UFO August 2013. This Ufo sighting was recorded from the high floors of a luxury condominium, on the New Jersey shore. This sensational video was filmed by a couple that wants to remain anonymous. The person recording the tape added that the Ufo and planes were moving really fast, and that's why they were not able to keep them in focus for a long period of time.  Is that one of them government drone things?  As always, you decide! #aliens #et #ovni #ufo

Two Air Force planes escort a Triangle Shaped UFO in August 2013 on the New Jersey Shore, USA.

A collection of the best  UFO pictures of UFO sightings in photos over the last 140 years. Have to be seen to be believed http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics/howaboutthat/3452381/UFO-sightings-140-years-of-UFO-pictures.html?image=28

140 years of UFO sightings - Part II

1979 - New Zealand, October Two former Air Force photographic analysts…

New amazing video footage of a UFO recorded in daytime sky above Itumbiara near Ponte Afonso Penna, Brazil on 18th September 2013.

New amazing video footage of a UFO recorded in daytime sky above Itumbiara near Ponte Afonso Penna, Brazil on September

A generic "flying saucer" which I intended to reference while modelling the space craft I was going to implement into my video.

AIR FORCE ONE escorted by UFO TR-3B !!! August 2016

Amazing video showing Air Force One secretly landing at Seattle airport after being escorted by UFO Definitively a proof that project is used for security purpose.

1999 London - "Mr. Unknown sped back into the house and grabbed his video camera. He was hoping to film the UFO before it disappeared, but instead he filmed what he claimed to be a type of small, ghost-like beings who seemed to be rummaging around behind his fence. The total length of the film was about four (4) minutes. The strange beings made a sound which was barely audible, and somewhat muffled. The sounds of the small beings had attracted him to the area. Mr Unknown was frank in…

Unknown was awakened by a sound in the middle of the night. He went outside and filmed what he claimed to be a type of small ghost-like being.

1952 - Passaic, New Jersey

1952 - Passaic, New Jersey. George Stock was working in his yard on July when this dome-shaped saucer appeared.

Which is the clearest authentic UFO photo?

These pictures were supposedly taken somewhere between Iceland and Jan Mayen in March 1971 trough the periscope of the american military submarine USS Trepan.

Daylight Video of UFO over Mexico

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This photo of three dark UFOs has certainly had its naysayers. Those who debunk it say that the extreme dark color of the objects make them appear to be pasted onto a background image, and then re-photographed.


The perspective is all wrong and a craft flying this low, or this large, would have caused consternation in the streets of New York and be a matter of historical fact, not simply a fuzzy X File style photo.

Alien Species: Advanced Humans, Greys and Reptilians

Alien Species: Advanced Humans, Greys and Reptilians