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And I am ok with that because you also made my life

Images of Benedict Cumberbatch that make me want to cry b/c he’s just so damn attractive

Bendick otterbatch

Bendick otterbatch

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he looks as though he's been transported back to the 60's... he is ready to play An Extremely Handsome Brian Epstein I'm sure

Who could be a better acter for sherlock holmes than Bennidict Cumberbatch? The anser is no one.

yes....I had a question.....but then you looked at me and I got lost in your eyes...  I can't remember my question...I can't remember my name either...

Oh Benedict. You can't say this sorts of things in public! The fandom is going wild of hope to be your flatmate and partner ;

Benedict Cumberbatch - Weeping Angel!

Benedict Cumberbatch - Weeping Angel!


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Benedict on theset of Black Mass

cumberbum: Benedict Cumberbatch’s Makeup in Black Mass appreciation post Open in new tab for high-res


I love this man.have loved the character of Sherlock since I was a kid and the BBC has made the smartest interpretation in so many years! Benedict is perfection!