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'Shoes are boring wear sneakers' Converse tells us - in their poster campaign, Converse shows us how sneaker wearing individuals have all the fun!

Converse Shoe Campaign Adverts by Darragh Kinch

If you’re going to promote shoes using Print Ads, surely you have to put a lot of emphasis on .


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IMAGE: Converse celebrates urban fun with a nod to the nostalgia. Hand lettered headline suggests craftsmanship.

News - Converse All Star Boots Collection

Fatal Surf Sports+Urban: Judge Advertising Agency: 9ine Sports & Entertainment, São Paulo, Brazil

Print advertisment created by Brazil for Fatal Surf, within the category: Fashion.

Converse Nepal | Shoes Are Boring. Wear Sneakers

Shoes Are Boring.

The Honeywell Kitchen Computer. It was an electronic meal planner which when uploaded with a number of ‘her’ favourite recipes could then create meal planners and for a small extra fee would even calculate meals based on the limits of the family weekly budget. It cost $10,000, weighed some 100 lbs and required someone with a master’s degree in computer science to install and program it.  Not surprisingly Honeywell failed to sell any of its Kitchen Computers when they were advertised in 1969.

Non-Tech Chick with a home computer. The Kitchen Computer was one of many exotic gifts featured in the Neiman-Marcus Christmas Catalog. Others included Beechcraft airplanes and his and her submarines.

This was a campaign carried out by an HIV support group against the prejudice and stigma surrounding individuals suffering from the disease. It uses a very unique and powerful idea, in the hopes of instigating a positive response from its audiences.

"This poster is HIV-positive. The people who read it are instantly touched." **An incredible moving project that helps instill compassion for people living with HIV.