Villafane Studios is home to three incredible artists that specialize in creating the most jaw-dropping pumpkin carvings you have ever seen. Started by Ray Villafane in 2004, he is joined by Andy Bergholtz and Chris Vierra.

I'd love to say they will serve as inspiration for my pumpkin carving next year, but who am I kidding? Carved pumpkins by Ray Villafane Studios.

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"How the Grinch stole." pumpkin carving by Brandy Davis. I have sculpted quite a few pumpkins this season, however I do not get a chance to fi.

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How goes it goblins and gouls! I saw these amazing pumpkin carvings for the holiday and wanted to share them with you on this holiday. Happy Halloween these amazing carvings are compliments of this Ray Villafane

#hallowen #pumpkincarving Credit: Ray Villafane/Barcroft Media Is there anyone out there who doesn't think clowns are scary?

Pumpkin carvings for Halloween - in pictures

John Kettman’s innovative use of paint here is YUUUGELY successful. | Trump Pumpkins Are Here To Make Halloween Great

John Kettman's innovative use of paint here is YUUUGELY successful.