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"We are beaten and blown by the wind blown by the wind oh when I go there I go there with you its all I can do." - U2 Roughly 2yrs ago we found out my mum had ALS... It's a fucking vile diagnosis and as someone with a load of medical knowledge I knew academically what that meant. She was in for a shitty ride To watch someone so independent lose the ability to be so.. there's a sense of betrayal that starts rearing it's head. Such a beautiful lady who pretty much cared about everyone but…

Tem hora que o negócio é simplificar

Surf & Sol. Dizem os especialistas: O Sol UVB "meio-dia" é que absorve o hormônio D3, junto com a vitam. K. O sol se auto-regula, e para cada pessoa um tempo mínimo de exposição. Alguns filtros solares, com seus inúmeros componentes químicos, está associado a muitos cânceres. O complemento Vitam. D p Idosos é fundamental pq precisam de 4x. O Sol evita inúmeros tipos de doenças, e no passado sempre foi reverenciado. VIVA o ASTRO-REI!

Dream closet! By LUX Design

Simple yet it is what I always want to be said first thing in the morning

“Happy Tuesday!!!⭐Its always a {SWEET} morning in the pink office!!!⭐ Stay G-L-A-M-orous today beauties!!!⭐ XO…”

Tatuagem da manhã foi do parcsiro Theodoro!!! Valeu mano !! Até breve . Cobtato…

By @Coffeetopia on Instagram 15 5 15. "I will always remember our most beloved night, It's like Michael himself painted it with his own old brush and palette." "Most Beloved Night" made of coffee stains on leaves. #zerowasrecoffee