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"We are beaten and blown by the wind blown by the wind oh when I go there I go there with you its all I can do." - U2 Roughly 2yrs ago we found out my mum had ALS... It's a fucking vile diagnosis and as someone with a load of medical knowledge I knew academically what that meant. She was in for a shitty ride To watch someone so independent lose the ability to be so.. there's a sense of betrayal that starts rearing it's head. Such a beautiful lady who pretty much cared about everyone but…

Instagram media by blogbypaulinha - 1001 maneiras de fazer crepioca! Esse eu já vi com outro nome: o Pão de queijo de frigideira! Se não me engano, no ig da xará @viversemtrigo Ingredientes: 1 ovo 1 colher de goma de tapioca (ou polvilho doce ou azedo) 1 colher de água 1 colher de requeijão 1 pitada de sal Pra ficar nesse aspecto, usei aquela frigideira pequena de fritar ovo. Acompanhado de um cafézim preto a gente se sente lá em Minas Gerais! Tá.. Bem menos.. Mas fica uma delícia!

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“Happy Tuesday!!!⭐Its always a {SWEET} morning in the pink office!!!⭐ Stay G-L-A-M-orous today beauties!!!⭐ XO www.slmissglambeauty.com…”

“- slept in this morning and now going through my weekly task scan to ensure that I don't miss any tasks that need to be migrated this week. How do you…”

Aloha Kakahiaka ~ *Good Morning!* ......................................................................Fun Lilo and Stitch fact: Did you know that in Hawaiian, Lilo means "lost?" And that the technical definition of Stitch, means "pulled together?" So many beautiful little gems hidden in this movie A hui hou kakou ~ *Until we meet again*

The first 6 zodiac designs. On each design from top to bottom, they represent the sign, their ruling planet, their element and then the flower. 1. Aries, Mars, fire and sweet pea. 2. Taurus, Venus, Earth and Delphinium 3. Gemini, Mercury, Air and Lily of the valley 4. Cancer, Moon, Water and Lotus 5. Leo, Sun, Fire and Sunflower 6. Virgo, Mercury, Earth and Morning Glory. hopefully will have the other 6 completed soon!

Warm and cozy tea

Simple yet it is what I always want to be said first thing in the morning

Tatuagem da manhã foi do parcsiro Theodoro!!! Valeu mano !! Até breve . Cobtato…

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