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I really like this cover because it doesn't look a stereotypical magazine I would see on the shelf. I love the use of contrasting fonts (especially the font that the word "george" is written in) and I like how the other stories are much smaller underneath it. It is a unique approach to a magazine cover and it instantly drew me in over stereotypical covers. I also love the use of the photograph and how the darkness of the photo contrasts the white text.

Esquire Singapore – January 2014

Art direction, design and lettering for the cover of Esquire Singapore. Photograph by Ruven Afanador.

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CM Committee- I like the geographic idea of this- use a model side photo and then overlay text on top (poster) Science Fashion This design imitates the periodic table of the elements-a creative way to look at fashion December 2013

#4 Cover - Een prachtige, statige cover van Giselle. Niet veel tekst maar het straalt gelijk sfeer uit en je kunt hier aan zien wat voor soort tijdschrift het is.

PHOTOS: Gisele & Tom's New House Is Bigger Than Our Whole Neighborhood

Gisele Bundchen got the black and white treatment for the Spring cover of Italy's Muse magazine. She shares an accompanying photo shoot with other supermodels

by Marisa Passos > www.marisapassos.com

Love all the white space and simple colors/color connection between pages. Depending on context, could be done with one pop color per project. Layout says addiction to me.

Yerse 2013 -   www.anamirats.com/?utm_content=buffer0d8ea&utm_medium=social&utm_source=pinterest.com&utm_campaign=buffer

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MaG Herbst 2012 - Thema "Trüffel" #magazine #magazinecover

Cover of a gourmet-magazine, featuring quite unseen photography of a guy with baguettes on his head. Besides, it lives from simple but elegant typography / detail-typgraphy.


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