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Explore Capa 1952, Lindas Imagens e muito mais!

John Cage, 4’33”, (1952) • The intermedial- what the thing and the viewer do together= transaction • Cage began his career with interest in futurist noise machines- early moment in 20th c. avant garde production o Accompaniment in a dance company in seattle- piano. For the dancers it was important to feel vibrations of sound on the floor. How could he work with percussive nature of the piano to keep the beat for dancers. Interested in rhythmicity, timing and percussion. (pt. 1)

See videos that are linked to chapters or biographies within the book. HELEN ZIA (謝漢蘭 pinyin: Xiè Hànlán) born in 1952 is a second generation Chinese American and an award-winning journalist and scholar who has covered Asian American communities and social and political movements for decades. She was born in New Jersey to first generation immigrants from Shanghai She was also a vocal anti-war activist, voicing her Opposition to U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War, and a firm believer in…

Price Tower.1952. Bartlesville, Oklahoma. Frank Lloyd Wright

Bob Lerner, "Fancy Free", Grant Park, Chicago 1952

The Princess by Howard Chandler Christy

Vogue Sewing, Revised and Updated. By Vogue Knitting Magazine. 2006. Vogue is an authority, this is a classic since 1975. The 1952 ed. inspired Gertie's + a retro-movement, but Some will think too hard for beginners… Very similar to the Vogue book w/ Butterick, but this 1 has a fabulous introductory section that covers body style, flattering design, how to measure, pattern alterations, then launches into the skills in clear sections with ideas for application. Intermediate reference.

Cover for Adrian Frutiger’s Univers typeface brochure by Rémy Peignot (1960)

Excellent book from a forgotten hero.