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IRONY: Remember when Russians used to come seeking asylum from tyrany in the United States, instead of the other way around?

She should have been armed...May she rest in peace. Death sentences carried out will be a fitting end.

RACISM in the obama regime. Anything goes in the Obama administration black gangs can do no wrong.

The Names Behind The States

"The Names Behind the States" - An infographic of the etymology and cultural origins of the names that made up the United States of America. Use this as an engagement piece when studying US history, culture, or just for fun!

Liberalism is a mental disease

Baltimore Comes Up With The Stupidest Immigration Solution Ever! As Regan Pifer reports, Baltimore doesn’t exactly have a glowing reputation–especially when it comes to crime rates, property values…

Critics question 'convenient', 'ridiculous' Sunday Times story How Ridiculous


Ronald Reagan / Survives bullet wound from an assassination attempt.Continued to protect gun rights for citizens. / Second Amendment.

Amen! What a coincidence! Soros funded idiots!

Why all of a sudden are statues more than a representation of our nation's history and growth? Statues don't offend me, ignorant people who have not taken the time to learn the true history of our nation do!

Remember No Birth Certificate (forged) No Social Security Number (stolen) No Selective Service Card (forged) What else DON'T we know about this jerk?

keeps repeating the same lies. just another entitled libtard who wants. to suckle off the teats of society, Buy your own birth control.

"I'm not interested in photo ops. president shouldn't you be at the border instead of socializing having a good time while America falls? Oh and let's not forget golfing as well!

Black History, African Americans, Consciousness, Knowledge, Politics, Facts

Obama whining about FOX NEWS is like a football player badmouthing the only cheerleader that won't sleep with him.

angry old racist white men.as the left sees it. Stop using the race, prejudice card. Ignorant people live on both sides. Let's get America working for ALL free Americans!

Ted Cruz went to DC to fight for what TEXAS voters wanted.  We elected him to do his job and he did it.  Keep it up!

Ted Cruz went to DC to fight for what TEXAS voters wanted. We elected him to do his job and he did it.