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Franklin Evans

Franklin Evans - Using ink and watercolor, Franklin Evans creates imagined worlds where color, perspective, shape and scale develop their own logic.

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Sue Scott Gallery, representing both established and emerging contemprary artists in New York City. Sue Scott Gallery was founded in

Franklin Evans_4 mixed media installation

Yve-Alain Bois’s book Painting as Model was written twenty odd years ago and continues to be an important text, providing conceptual fodder for many contemporary art practices.

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Franklin Evans - Abstract Collage

Franklin Evans was born in Reno, Nevada in He studied art and received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Stanford University in 1989 and his Master of

Franklin Evans - Futura

Lines are an excellent starting point for lessons with Kindergarteners. To begin this line unit, we read the book Lines That Wiggle. The students used colored tape to make straight lines ac…

snowy shadows

Jennifer Irvine: Snowy Shadows Oh yes, reminds me of our amazing hike in Mt Rainier on Saturday.