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Polish GODZILLA Posters 1977 Romuald Socha - Godzilla on Monster Island - Godzilla kontra Gigan

50〜70年代にヨーロッパで制作された「ゴジラ映画」のポスターを米サイトio9が特集 - amass


50〜70年代にヨーロッパで制作された「ゴジラ映画」のポスターを米サイトio9が特集 - amass

Guess The Film: Plus Tips On Using Posters In Your Home

Guess The Film: Plus Tips On Using Posters In Your Home

1972 - Solaris w Polsce  Solaris (Солярис) è un film di fantascienza sovietico del 1972 diretto da Andrej Tarkovskij, tratto dall'omonimo romanzo del 1961 dell'autore polacco Stanisław Lem.

solaris (1972). [movies in space #4]

Solaris, Polish Movie Poster: Polish Posters Shop on Designspiration

The Muppet Movie

Waldemar Swierzy, one of the most dynamic Polish movie poster designers of the Century, tackled some of Hollywood’s greatest and movies (and American Jazz artists) with his striking, abstract “only in Polish” designs.

19060205_1889127621354772_6082905361583389065_n.jpg 500×750 пикс

Above: a peek into Godzilla’s anatomy. Below: a way more accurate version.

Godzilla and King Kong

Amazing godzilla monster all of the most crazy beast to check out and watch the moves to boss for words