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red_dead_hand_guns_by_michellehendersonda-d50uz58.jpg (842×596)

red_dead_hand_guns_by_michellehendersonda-d50uz58.jpg (842×596)

John Marston by LauraTolton.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

The fantastic character that is John Marston. After playing Red Dead Redemption I just had to draw him, so here is my version of him anyway!

My name is John Marston by Attaora.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Here's a portrait of John Marston, a character that is easily in my top 5 favorite video game characters ever. My name is John Marston

Like Marston's, this revolver is based upon the Colt .45 single action army revolver and were ubiquitous among most who lived during the Old West. The real life Denix non-firing model 1106G, with gray finish, & brown wood grips makes its likeness a real-life "Dead On" ringer to Marston's most practical and widely available weapon used in the Red Dead Redemtion game for PlayStation And X-Box

NobleWares offers historic replicas including the Cattleman Revolver Denix in our Redemption Dead On Collection

The Dusty Concept Art of Red Dead Redemption

The Dusty Concept Art of Red Dead Redemption

Hethe Srodawa is a concept artist who works at Trion Worlds on the developer's long-coming collaboration with the SyFy channel.