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Items by Pykodelbi.deviantart.com on @deviantART

This week the texture theme / goal is wood planks and such. This is my third study so far. I think things are getting better but I have yet to nail (pun intended) the look I'm going for.

Anime landscape

I like the touch of fantasy in the picture and how the building seems like a castle. I like how the bridge seems to be the only thing connecting the castle to the outside world.

Look, kids! Archery can take you to the coolest places! Art by Razvan Negrea

"Welcome To My World" by N-Deed. N-Deed is a British digital artist that creates amazing airbrushed paintings, through which he envisions magical worlds, dark and subtle characters and much more. You can view more of his work by clicking on the image and

Landscape Original size 10630x5315 px Credit: www.shutterstock.com cgtextures.com my own sources Copyright© 2014 Nadegda Mihailova. You can NOT use my artworks for any type of sell or publicat...

PInned for atmosphere and inspiration Fantasy landscape The Lake House - Russian Artist Nadegda Mihailova

The Art Of Animation, Dinmoney join us http://pinterest.com/koztar/

The Forest of Mist. The mist is created by Ebeors who inhabit the forest. However, the plants in the forest have incredible healing properties and are used by the best healers in the Isolated Kingdom.