Велосипед под боком: 6 секретов домашней парковки

Велосипед под боком: 6 секретов домашней парковки

Not only does the bike look cool, but I am in love with the hallway. I love exposed brick. Really cool setup here. (via: Rachel & Brian's Spacious Place / bike storage)

Мебель и предметы интерьера в цветах: черный, серый, светло-серый, белый, темно-зеленый. Мебель и предметы интерьера в .

Где хранить велосипед: советы и идеи

If you live in a loft or just have really high ceilings, you can set up a bike lift. At less than $30, it’s a cost effective solution, but it’s also extremely stylish. Your friends will definitely be impressed when you lower your Schwinn from the rafters at your next dinner party.

Bicycles stored on a pulley system I Sydney house atrium by Tribe Studio

Kind of a cool solution for bike storage, though kind of an expensive one too...

Look: Neat Bike Storage Solution!

Cyclists who live in small spaces, rejoice! There's no reason you need to maneuver around your bike in the living room. The days of hanging your laundry on your handlebars are over. Reclaim your floor space with one of these 10 bike hangers:

Grab best bicycle accessories for your bike and get ready for a cool bike ride experience. You will absolutely love these kind of lights, bells, cages.

Daniel Sculnick is raising funds for Statement Bike Rack - Made in USA on Kickstarter! A unique, high-quality bicycle rack designed to look like a piece of art when not in use. Proudly hand made in the USA.

useful & cool

by BYografia. Bookbike is a handsome bookshelf/bike storage combo that will make many city dwellers quite happy.

Cómo guardar las bicicletas

Clear up the floor space in your garage with the Hoist Monster Bike Lift. Get your car back in the garage by utilizing the ceiling mount bike rack

Bike storage

Beautiful Bike Racks: Stunning Cycle Storage

Storage solutions for your bicycle needn't be ugly, with designers the world over creating gorgeous furniture and display units for pedal pushers.

Porte Vélo - designer : Thibaut Malet

BH #2 / Thibaut Malet

Given my soft spot for bike storage and multifunctional design, I was delighted to encounter BH - a beautiful bike stand by French designer Thibaut Malet.

Du mobilier design moderne et un rack à vélos

Chilean designer Manuel Roseel created a space-saving furniture line that doubles as a bike rack.