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America’s Next Superhero Is A Black Tween Created By Marvel

Meet Marvel’s newest superhero: Moon Girl! As Shadow and Act explains, comics writers Amy Reeder and Brandon Montclare and artist Natacha Bustos are the team behind the new Marvel title Moon Girl and.

MOON GIRL, Devil Dinosaur & Ms Marvel by Amy Reeder

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur with Ms.

MARVEL COMICS (W) Ryan North (A/CA) Erica Henderson • This special one-off issue promises two amazing things: SUPER HEROICS and COMPUTER SCIENCE. • Yes! By the end of this issue, you will know both ho

Unbeatable squirrel girl #11 (2016)

The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl Vol. I Kissed A Squirrel And I Liked It (The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl

Dr. Cecilia Reyes (codename: N/A) never had a codename because she's a doctor dammit! Cecelia was recruited into the X-men though very reluctant to join she turned them down a couple times first. Even after she joined she used her medical skills more than her power, which is a psionic shielding that protects her whenever she feels threatened.

The Greatest Black Women In Superhero Comics (Who Aren't Storm)

Celia Reyes (X-Men). From: The Greatest Black Women In Superhero Comics (Who Aren't Storm)

Wonder Woman Re-Design

Wonder Woman Nubia Re-Designed, I love this, she looks like she could legitimately kick ass without accidentally flashing anyone!