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Whip your booty into shape by adding this move to your fitness routine!

Get it Right: Tip Toe Squat

Exclusive Butt Workout - Learn how to properly perform the tip toe squat to get your best booty ever! Whip your booty into shape by adding this move to your fitness routine.

7 moves to tone your entire body.

Tone Your Entire Body with These 7 Moves

20 Squat Variations to Add to Your Fitness Routine

20 squats for a tighter tush! Might want to add some real weights to that squat, sweetheart.

Rock Your Core With These 8 Moves // #abs #workout #fitness #exercise ¥

Rock Your Core With These 8 Moves // #abs #workout #fitness #exercise ¥

Going to try some of these... Modified for my broken ankle.

Don't Be A Hater: 17 Ways to Pump Up Your Push Up

Push ups are great for your upper body, but do you need more of a challenge? We've got 17 awesome variations for you to try!

Simple Workouts: Want to burn some extra calories? Do this workout during the commercial breaks of your favorite shows! What show will you workout during this week?

The Couch Potato Workout: Moves To Do During Commercial Breaks

This is the perfect workout to do in front of the TV. Moves to do during commercial breaks.

Get that blood flowing and try some of these bodyweight exercises!

18 Heart-Pumping Bodyweight Moves For a Full-On Fat Burn

Who needs to spend hours on the treadmill when you can get your heart-pumping cardio on in less than 20 minutes? Maximize your time and see better results with these 18 incredibly effective bodywei…

Hollywood's hottest work their butts (and bellies) off with multitasking strength moves. Now you can too. |

Sculpt Like a Celeb

Jump off those extra pounds!

Jump Off Your Extra Jiggle: 20-Minute Cardio Blast

Step-ups are a great exercise to work your thighs, glutes, and hips simultaneously.

3 Simple Moves For Firmer Thighs

Walking up flights of stairs is great for your glutes, but stepping up onto a chair is an even more effective move. Stand in front of your chair and place

Power squats are the perfect combination of cardio and strength training to boost heart rate and tone legs.

Get the booty nice and firm with this move!