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Digital artist and animator Carl Burton makes these beautifully animated GIFs that blend real life and surreal elements into perfect animation. There's something about them that makes them unbelievably satisfying and relaxing to watch. Definitely worth checking out Burton's work over on his Tumblr.Don't miss out on UltraLinx-related content straight to your emails. Subscribe here.via BlazePress

13 Beautiful Monochromatic GIFs by Carl Burton

Digital artist and animator Carl Burton creates subtly animated monochromatic GIFs that blend surreal elements inspired by science fiction and occasionally real


This is a neat illustration, I particularly like the colors and the vast amount of negative space used.

#Worldmap  #Map2dgame

More floaty island maps (ours would probably want to be more horizontal than vertical)



From a series of matchboxes I'm designing, more soon!


An exceptional collection of cool car illustrations and fantastic vector drawings.The UltraLinx NewsletterTips & tricks for