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I can't with Minghao and Junhui. And Soonyoung in the front. And Junghan in the back. xD

Kpop Dream Seventeen<< This just describes them all perfectly. Poor Minghao getting hit by Jun on the right.

Seventeen Reveals Special Performance Version of “Adore U”

Watch: SEVENTEEN Takes 2nd Win For “Clap” On “Music Bank,” Performances By Red Velvet, Wanna One, Samuel, And More

We received precious trophy, thanks to the unstinting love. We always feel thankful because we could spend special moments together with Carats everytime. {Trans by : uygnim}

Look at Jun's hair! A pop of Jun

I think they forgot my seat in this picture so sad

I would honestly wear any of these outfits.


MY 1000 PIN! :D there's just too many cuties for 1 photo ugh

....but there is only 15 in the picture... What happened to Seventeen?!?!

but there is only 15 in the picture. What happened to Seventeen? << Back when they were trainees in Seventeen Project duh.

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Seventeen | •Kpop• Amino

Seventeen | •Kpop• Amino

Korean Magazine Lovers instagram : http://instagram.com/k_magazinelovers

SEVENTEEN is celebrating the day since their debut by gifting fans with beautiful official colors! On October 6 at midnight KST, Pledis Entertainment

~ From '' Say the name! (Seventeeeeen) '' xMagic xNinjax ~

“[➜HEADLINE] Pledis Entertainment says SEVENTEEN is planning a comeback either late Oct. or early Nov.