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isto, PESSOA (1888-1935). Poet, writer, critic and translator, one of the most significant literary figures of the XX century. 'Pessoa-himself' is not the 'real' PESSOA. Like Caeiro, Reis and Campos, he embodies only aspects of the poet's personality. The poetry of the orthonymic PESSOA possesses a measured, regular form and appreciation of the musicality of verse. It takes on intellectual issues, and it is marked by concern with dreams, imagination and mystery.

João Villaret - Recado a Lisboa

tu estás aqui, RUY BELO (1933-1978). He treats impermanence, childhood, ocean, woman and death, all inextricably tied: ocean and woman embodying the infinite embrace sought by the poet who mourns the lost omnipotence of his infant imagination and the lostness of his rapidly passing life, ultimately embraced by death. Awareness of death, not merely as an end but as a gradual existential expropriation, runs through his poems, which attempt to confer transcendence on some of that life draining…

Fernando Pessoa, Alvaro de Campos, Tabacaria por Mário Viegas