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Dear Santa, I realize Christmas is only a few days away but I would really like a puppy. I would name him deuter.

Community Post: 42 Puppies You'll Want To Take Home With You

sweet bunny rabbit

49 bunnies

sweet bunny rabbit

English Bulldogs:  Mother and Playful Puppy.

English Bulldogs: Mother and Playful Puppy.


10 English Bulldogs That Will Melt Your Heart

My English bulldog would be named Myrtle; if a boy, Winston Churchill. English Bulldog Pups to Make You Smile by Barbara O'Brien, via Behance

I want one

Just a piglet eating an ice cream cone at a tiny picnic table with a tiny umbrella. That pig is so like me! but i'm not a pig!

bum in the air :)

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puppy with its mom This might be the pup's adopted mom! Mom is an English bulldog and baby is a French bulldog. Both breeds are the best in the world and these are exquisite examples of each by the way!

I cried hysterically watching this.  Irrationally.  I think I may have been hormonal.  And a little too attached to Em and Dex.

One Day (2011)

One Day on DVD November 2011 starring Anne Hathaway, Jim Sturgess, Romola Garai, Jamie Sives. Dexter (Jim Sturgess) and Emma (Anne Hathaway) meet for the first time during their graduation and proceed to meet one day a year for the ne

Touching Portraits of Mothers with Their One-Day-Old Babies - My Modern Metropolis, this is amazing and inspiring!

Touching Portraits of Mothers with Their One-Day-Old Babies