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Rhegar and Lyanna ASOIAF

Luthien et Celegorm.En route to rescuing Beren Luthien was found by Huan the Hound of Valinor, and taken to his master Celegorm and his brother Curufin. Celegorm became enamoured of her beauty and plotted to force her into marriage to himself.

Magali Villeneuve - Google keresés

Eomer by Magali Villeneuve Daddy says, "Aragorn, Gimli & Legolas meeting the Rohirrim is much cooler in the book!" Toby says, "I think Eomer is crazy challenging Aragon in the book.

Valkyrie- love this as a tat, but would like her with some braids, a helmet, and more armor

Joe Abercrombie BA - Best Served Cold (First Law World // She had studied the sword for years, and this was the day it would pay off. By Gene Mollica

Digital Art by RHADS | Cuded Luthien tinuviel

Digital Art by RHADS

Infinite dreams Digital Art by RHADS Experiment ii Sorrow for whales Road to nowhere Land of the wind At world s end Wind Nostalgia for the dawn Girl and pegasus Luthien tinuviel… Continue Reading →

A bookmark i made for *twelveofdecember who likes stars and ladies with big eyelashes. Pencil & watercolours

A bookmark i made for *twelveofdecember who likes stars and ladies with big eyelashes.

Brothers - Manwë and Melkor  -Manwë could not comprehend evil and that is how Melkor beccame as powerful as he did.  He was underestimated

Manwe x Melkor requested by nyarnamaitar Hehe i borrowed Phobs design for Melkor ^^ Bonus baby Thorondor :v

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"there we go little elf lord, come closer!" A balrog expecting a duel during the plunder of Gondolin a very anthropomorphic maiar (sometimes i m tired o.

Magali Villeneuve Portfolio

Galadriel & Celeborn - Magali Villeneuve Portfolio: The Lord of the Rings Nyx parents ex 2

free desktop wallpaper downloads guardians of middle earth, 605 kB - Ratcliffe Round

Gandalf - Lord of the Rings-games-fantasy-wallpaper - O Senhor dos Anéis (Lord of the Rings)

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Fingolfin - The Lord of the Rings - Image - Zerochan Anime Image Board