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Comic Book Couples Infographic

The Greatest Romances in the History of Comics [Infographic] Batman and Catwoman were always my favourite

Very Cool Superhero Artwork

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Some superhero kids

Some superhero kids

Crianças Super-Heróis - visit to grab an unforgettable cool Super Hero T-Shir

リアルで怖い。可愛いキャラクター達がおぞましいクリチャーに変貌したイラスト集リアルで怖い。可愛いキャラクター達がおぞましいクリチャーに変貌したイラスト集 | ADB

Lovable Cartoon Characters Turned Into Terrifying Monsters by Tattoo Artist Dennis Carlsson

10 Stylish Secret Identities And The Heroes They Become

10 Stylish Secret Identities And The Heroes They Become

Marvel DC comical stylized illustration reference 10 Stylish Secret Identities And The Heroes They Become

Assassins creed. Which assassin is the best? I honestly thing Edward Kenway is the best because he is so bad ass, he decided to be a pirate, and an assassin, and he still manages both just fine! TRY AND TOP THAT!!

Assassins Creed Games and their respective symbols. I love the revelations design and want to get a tattoo of it:)

The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword - WTH Girahim did you string YOUR thoung.......HHHAHHAHAHAHHAH!! *LOL stock and dead*

彩智かやこ@原稿中 on

The Legend of Zelda- Link and Ghirahim ☆*:.:*☆ Ghirahim found the goddess harp

Quand les personnages célèbres de la pop culture s'amusent à fusionner en utilisant la technique culte de la série Dragon Ball Z. De Homer Simpson à Adve

Fusion! – Les personnages de la pop culture fusionnent comme dans DBZ

Dragon Ball sure made its fusion dance famous all around the world, inspired by that I created different fusion dances for distinct cartoon characters.