This is Glen Keane's rough pencil test of Ariel. It is incredible how Keane chooses to use so many lines and such in his drawings to convey movement. It taught me that, if given time, start your first drawings this way. Don't limit yourself by making perfect lines right off the bat. Wait for clean up. Starting off, follow the 12 principles and scribble and scrape until you get a good flow. The great Woolie Reitherman was another artist who drew this way.

Glen Keane’s utterly brilliant pencil test of Ariel. 12 Mesmerizing Disney Pencil Gifs That Will Make You Miss Animation.

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Enjoy a gallery of 100 Original Concept Art, Character Design & Sketches for classic Disney movie Tarzan.

Simba Pencil Test - YouTube

This is a short scene of Young Simba by Tom Bancroft. It is when Simba falls into the thicket after being chased by the hyenas.

Glen Keane - Rough Ratigan Animation

Rough pencil test by Glen Keane of Ratigan from "The Great Mouse Detective.


upperstories: “ theanimationarchive: “ Early concept art of Tangled’s Flynn Rider when he was still referred to as Bastion. I’m kind of in love with this design; I like the idea of Flynn being this.