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Owner tagged. Beautiful pup #Padgram

Pup. Can't look at this pup and Riley and say they're not at least a little related. My boy is def part husky

Siberian Husky pup.

Dear Santa, If I don't get a pup like this we will have issues!

Blue eyed husky pup here to find out more

Cute Wolf Pups | Cute Wolf-Dog Puppies - IMG_1585 - PICNIK | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

At around 4 weeks old, puppies begin eating food other than their mother's milk and also searching for water. In the wild, momma dogs will bring back food and regurgitate it for them once their teeth start hurting her teats. Companion dogs may still do this to a point, but as a dog owner, you'll have to interject by offering the young pups some softened puppy food.

Husky Pups - I want one sooo bad!! Forget a pitbull, give me a husky <3 #soadorable #lovethem

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Husky puppy on the beach. Sandy paws.

Meu Escritório é na Praia