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Why its important to wear SPF! because the UVA and UVB rays can cause skin cancer or premature aging.

This is what Skin cancer removal (before & after) looks like! Please wear SPF daily and Re-Apply at least every 2 hours! Untouched photos. No make up. Left photo: Taken exactly 13 months ago. Right photo: Taken just now!

#Boss #Bosslady working and Clearing her skin with the therapeutic mask. it has sulfur to help kill bacteria, similar to benzoyl peroxide.

Did you know that skin cancer is the most diagnosed type of cancer? Learn more about skin cancer with this infographic

The antioxidants in grapefruit will fight free radicals in the skin that can cause wrinkles and discoloration that can make you look older than you are. SO WHAT ARE FREE RADICALS?!? Free radicals are elements that float through the body and skin because they don't attached to anything. If they have nothing to attach to, they attack healthy cells trying to bind to the cell wall. Antioxidants flow through your body, binding to these free radicals giving them something to attach to, rendering…

Laminated Skin Cancer anatomy poster defines skin cancer and provides detailed illustrations of how it develops from sun exposure. Dermatology chart for doctors and nurses.

A white cotton T-shirt only has an SPF of 5. Don't be fooled into thinking clothes protect you from harmful rays of the sun. Wear your SPF, seek shade or better yet, hit @spfaddict for fashionable sun protective gear! #SkinTip #AntiAging #ClearSkin (Photo courtesy of #Allure)

You are more likely to get a skin cancer than you are to drop your phone in the toilet.

You are more likely to get a skin cancer than you are to drop your phone in the toilet.

Summer is around the corner! #backfacials for #backacne are a special service that we offer to help you achieve #clearskin! Check out our website fore more info!

Avoid tanning beds. Reduce your risk of skin cancer. Protect your skin. #SkinCancer #EnvisionROC