Emile Zola's novel Au bonheur des dames is a drama playing on PBS now. The Paradise is slow moving, but is beautifully acted.

The Paradise, BBC One, review

Neil Midgley was disappointed with the opening episode of The Paradise, BBC One's new eight-part period drama based on Emile Zola's novel Au bonheur des dames.

My newest obsession--The Paradise. BBC. Emun Elliot

The Paradise: Cast of Characters Even Dickens Would Applaud! I love love this show ~ and Emun Elliott who plays John Moray.

Haven, Season 1. The first time Nathan felt Audrey's touch.

Haven, Season The first time Nathan felt Audrey's touch.

Scene from the Paradise

The Paradise - Denise instructs the Tollgate Street Traders on their individual roles in making the co-operative (one selling parasol's) work as they attempt to draw some trade back from The Paradise.

Joanna Vanderham as Denise and Emun Elliott as Mr. Moray

Looking Forward to the Paradise Series 2? Here's Something to Fill in the Waiting: the Cd of the Official Soundtrack

'The Paradise' episode 4 info and picture gallery - Inside Media Track

The Paradise' : 12 dialogue teasers for series 2, episode 3

The Paradise. I watched this last autumn and immediately felt in love with it (and with John Moray). Will unfortunately not be returning for a third season. So no more Denise and John Moray

BBC One - Season One - The Paradise - Moray, played by Emun Elliott.

Wallpaper and background photos of THE PARADISE (Beginning Sept 25 on BBC One) for fans of Period Drama Fans images.

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