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JeremyRenner - Avengers Age of Ultron Premiere Arrivals.

Jeremy Renner ~ Hawkeye A man with a bow...be still my heart!

((Open)) Hawkeye grins, enjoying the lack of Hydra guards at the main dataframe base. He chuckles, "Ooh boy, lots of buttons. Which one do I impale with my spiffy arrow first?

I have always thought this guy was so cute robery downey, jr.

robert downey jr being so fine and sexy is part of the reason iron man is fave super heroes

My future husband <3 I do not exaggerate when I say that I could look at Jeremy Renner all day, everyday.

Jeremy Renner - 28 Weeks Later, The Hurt Locker, The Town, The Avengers (Hawkeye) Just saying. loved him in all these movies, but the Avengers took it home!

Robert Downey Jr. in Moscow, "Iron Man 3" international press tour.  (That purple butterfly shirt, though...)

in Moscow, "Iron Man international press tour. That purple butterfly shirt♡

I love The Expendables films, not terribly original, but it brings me back to the 11 year old me who wanted to see Rambo and Conan team up and kick serious ass.

Barney Ross

Barney Ross (born July is the leader of a team called the Expendables.