Salon1 store by Kiss Miklos Bielefeld 14 Salon1 interior & branding by Kiss Miklós, Bielefeld   Germany

interior & branding by Kiss Miklós, Bielefeld Germany store design branding

Teal Davison - edge painted business cards

20 wonderful (new) business cards - Best of August 2013

business cards // Personal Branding by Anthony Wyborny , via Behance

Oooooh I do love a good personal stationery project! Anthony Wyborny has created gorgeous business cards - a lovely typographic monogram, .


For fashion brands and fashion designers, having an attractive business card is one of the necessary tools for marketing. Here are 14 examples for inspiration.

Stitch Design Co.—Self-Promo Pieces Designers: Amy Pastre and Courtney Rowson at Stitch Design Co. Material: Crane Crest Paper Production: Letterpress, foil-stamped and edge-painted Printer: Sideshow Press

14 Best Business Cards in the Biz

best business cards - embossing and letterpressing looks really slick and professional. Has a nice tactile quality. I like the grid and order of this card.

BARRO BLUE. Experimentações na arte da cerâmica,  e na criação de objetos decorativos e acessórios.

The Barro Blue stationery set - Art Direction, Branding, and Graphic Design by Willian Santiago.