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labeled animal cell diagram and functions

Functions of the Cell! Movement (muscle cells) Conductivity (nerve cells) Metabolic absorption (kidney and intestinal cells) Secretion (mucous gland cells) Excretion (all cells) Respiration (all cells) Reproduction (all cells)

Eleanor Lutz a créé un nouveau gif animé scientifique qui explique cette fois la croissance d’un fetus humain de la fertilisation à la naissance.

Comment construire un humain

Illustrated Science Prints by Rachel Ignotofsky

Illustrated Science Prints by Rachel Ignotofsky

I spotted one of Rachel Ignotofsky’s awesome, hand lettered and illustrated art prints recently and, for one of the first times since I got to play with hydrochloric acid in high school chemistry class, I was excited about science learnin’!

Parts of a Cell Learning Chart | Main photo (Cover)

cell biology poster had learned this in beauty school cos. Science and totally need refreshed i was a little rusty reading this.

The More You Know About Microscopes

Microscopes 101 : This infographic details the anatomy, the history and the evolution of the microscope.

Spectacular but super rare weather phenomena…I never knew this happens on our planet!

Spectacular but super rare weather phenomena. Nature loves us and Earth!