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Kennyandkaren by Anerkagy on DeviantArt

south park the stick of truth

PART 1 (part 2: ishimaru-miharu.deviantart.com… final part: ishimaru-miharu.deviantart.com… ) You can do it, Tweek! You're capable of more than you think. ____________________________...

SP: first kiss by ishimaru-miharu on DeviantArt

tobita 18+

tobita 18+

Reborn by Tuooneo on deviantART

Get new tablet, draw more fanart with it. This ended up turning out pretty good compared to the original sketch. I had this idea and it all sketched out since my old tablet died on.

Tags: South Park, Stanley Randall Marsh, Kenneth McCormick, Phillip Pirrup, Leopold Stotch, Kyle Broflovski, Eric Theodore Cartman, Wendy Testaburger, Tweek Tweak, Craig Tucker, Token Williams, Bebe Stevens, Gregory, Clyde Donovan, Mysterion, Terrance Henry Stoot, Ike Broflovski, Timmy, Phillip Niles Argyle, Scott Tenorman, Bradley Biggle, Henrietta Biggle, Firkle, Towelie, Estella Havisham, Professor Chaos, General Disarray, Jesus, Shelley Marsh, Damien, Mole (South Park), Jimmy Volmer, ...

The trick with these is actually trying to find series that I'm into enough to do this for, but they also have to have enough characters for it to seem . Welcome to South Park

Douchebag is evil. He killed and hurt everyone. Poor Butters. Really think, is Douchebag is his friend.

aloeveraplanet: “a sketch of the most evil fight scene bc it made me upset ”