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<<< There's a cannon name for that ship? It's called Garnet<<<Yes, but we use it to distinguish the fusion from the ship.

PB is my favorite but Rose's hair is totally beautiful | Steven Universe | Adventure

Who is your favorite pink-haired character.Starfire, Rose, Lion, or Princess Bubblegum

13599971_1034557419926624_141671632986045397_n.jpg (552×451)

13599971_1034557419926624_141671632986045397_n.jpg (552×451)

♥Amedot is canon♥

♥Amedot is canon♥

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I thought of this while I was eating Cheetos, that Skinny Jasper could be regular Cheetos.

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Although not really my fav, Ruby is just really, reaaaaally fun to watch.>> I'm an eternal flame, BABY

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