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I think Annabeth would've killed him LONG before Percy got there.

Heroes of Olympus Headcannon. Leo's Return & Calypso's reaction upon seeing Percy again.

- {My edit give credit} - - okay so this is another random #Headcanon I thought of! If you repost please give credit - All of myheadcanons are here ➡️ #Percypostsheadcanons please don't uses this hashtag - I cannot tag anyone anymore because we had way too many I'm so sorry I hope you can understand. but you can check our account to see if we posted. I will post something a couple hours later saying I posted some headcanons just in case you missed

Pinning only because I could totally see the Leo being Uriah part omg that's perfect.

AHHHHHH sorry for the spoilers but AHHHH

Leo Valdez. The Lost Hero

Hahaha I loved it when Frank said he used to play it made me happy a warm fuzzy feeling in the pit of my stomach