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Kwon Ji-yong (권지용) August Seoul,SouthKorea Other names GD rapper, record producer, model.

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G-Dragon ♥ Real Name : Kwon Ji Young ♥ Birthday : August 1988 ♥ Birthplace : Seoul, South Korea ♥ Height : 175 cm ♥ Occupation : Rapper (leader of Bigbang), composer, Record Producer.

Even If You're Not Perfect, You're Limited Edition

G-Dragon concert orange hair love. If he looked at me with those eyes I would die from happiness and bliss ❤

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i bleed black and yellow : fckyeahgdragon: 160716 G-Dragon - VIP Fanmeeting.

Bang bang bang <BigBang> GD♡

G-Dragon // Bang Bang Bang Loving the glitter smokey and blue contacts.<<<<<<< I'll be honest with you, when I saw the red hair, blue eyes and smokey eye makeup, I immediately thought of Gaara 😂.