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Rave Girls / Rave Makeup / Rave Outfit #raveoutfits

Rave Girls / Rave Makeup / Rave Outfit #raveoutfits


Glitter is not meant to be used around the eyes. It is often made with glass and foil. They are making facial glitters these days. Still not meant to be used in the eye area or above.


Heyoka Leather x SOTBM, Sisters of the Black Moon, Acne Hat, ManiaMania Crystal Necklace, Luv Aj x Stone Cold Fox belt //

Oh You're a princess? But I'm The Queen Bitch! | via Tumblr

These hot rave babes got more than just a fit body! These rave babes have some rave booty's! Enjoy these hot rave pictures!

Hot-pink Framed Menu

An antique-style menu display frame was painted hot pink to go along with the bright, festive color palette.