Love is... Music to your ears.

I'm fixing you your fav snack later. I'm sorry i fell aslp midway thru your rants abt idiot. U were going at it for an hour before i dozed off, hon. Jus rid urself of this problem. Save my burning ears too :p

Love is...

- keeping up the courtship after you're happily married I love these little naked people. Even with their extra low crotches.

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Amor es... Cuando tus labios confirman lo que tu corazón ya sabe

Amor es... Cuando tus labios confirman lo que tu corazón ya sabe

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El amor es ... alguien para deshacer su cremallera.

Love is. someone to undo your zipper. My husband is always there offering me help .

These 40 Heart-Warming Pictures Will Show You What True Love Is

These Pictures Will Show You What True Love Is

"Wake up." In relationships, every-day interactions are more important than grand gestures - basically, don't forget the small things.

Ever used a bookshelf as a room divider? If you live in an apartment in a big city, such as New York City, Chicago or San Francisco, then chances are you’ve certainly either done it or considered it. Because every single square foot is at a high premium! Especially if you are renting either your …

25 Creative Ideas for using Bookshelves as Room Dividers

Because your studio apartment have small space, doesn’t mean it has to feel like a tiny dorm room. But with a little space planning and the right decor, you can maximize every square inch of your place. Try to design and… Continue Reading →

Artist “Puuung” captures those little moments that make love whole in these heartwarming illustrations.

Love Is

Do you know what true love is? True love can be expressed daily in hundreds of different ways. Find out 40 ways you can express true love today!