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I'm actually making this.  It's amazing the variations in recipes. It seems it will take about a year to get it clear and delicious, right now mine is still fermenting.

hmmm How To Make Dandelion Wine - SHTF Preparedness It's great to learn how to make some kind of alcoholic beverage.even if you don't drink, it could make a great barter item.

Happy Mead Day! Did you know that the first Saturday in August is Mead Day? Brew yourself up a batch of honey wine in celebration!

Simple One Gallon of Mead

Want to make mead, but intimidated by making a large batch? Here I'll show you how to make a gallon of mead! One gallon mead recipe.

How to make Wine using fruit & flowers. Includes recipes, detailed instructions, equipment list, and an A-Z of edibles you can make wine with.

Guide on how to make homemade wine using fruit, berries, herbs, and vegetables. Includes recipes for sweet Strawberry wine and floral Rose Petal wine

How to make Wine from Supermarket Grape Juice with no Special Equipment or Ingredients

How to Make Wine from Grape Juice

Want to brew some homemade wine? Read on for an easy method of making delicious red or white whine.

This recipe shows you how to use fresh rhubarb to make homemade sweet dessert wine with a kick #wine

Use fresh rhubarb to make this sweet and summery wine. Perfect for outdoor parties, with fruity desserts, or for a girlie gathering

Rhubarb wine-had some homemade rhubarb wine at a wedding this last week. Now I need to make my own!!

How to make rhubarb wine

Make delicious wine at home with these common and easily found ingredients.

How to Make Easy Homemade Wine (Red or White)

A Recipe and Method for Vanilla Wine

A couple of weeks ago I was idly flicking through CJJ Berry when my eye was caught by 'Vanilla Wine'.

Using eggshells to clear cloudy wine has been done for ages, and it can work wonders when fruit wines won't clear.

Clearing wine: wash a lg. Crack into a bowl. Put shell in oven @ 300 for 1 min. Crush and put in wine. In a week or so, your wine should be cleared. If not leave it longer. Make notes!

How to Make Pumpkin Wine - Common Sense Homesteading

Pumpkin Wine

How to make pumpkin wine. Classic spices and a little creativity come together in an usual pumpkin recipe that's sure to be a conversation starter at any table.

Potlicker: Sima (Finnish Lemon Mead)

Potlicker: Sima (Finnish Lemon Mead) May Day drink -- fermented lemonade) When it's ready, the raisins float to the top!

Fermented Plum Brandy at FreshBitesDaily.com

Fermented Plum Brandy Recipe -- Fermented foods taste amazing and are fabulous for your health! Try these great ideas to get your inspired! A great new years resolution!

16 Best Fruit, Herb, And Vegetable Wine Recipes | Here's how to make your own delicious homemade wines.

Many types of fruits, vegetables, and herbs can be used to make homemade wine. Enjoy making and drinking any of these delightful homemade wine recipes