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Illustrations for the poetry book about Taiga by Victoria Semykina, via Behance. It says magic and poetry to me, things that are elusive: the deer, the dark, the negative image interact to create the mood.

Curious indeed, and beautiful. Also good for #Christmas   Illustrations for the poetry book about Taiga by Victoria Semykina, via Behance

Tin Stove Melodies is one of the poetry books illustrated by illustrator Victoria Semykina through which her inventive and poetic imagination comes to surface.

Victoria Semykina - Taiga

Victoria Semykina - Taiga

The Art of Cale Atkinson

The Wolf and the Fox - Grimm Brothers.My contribution to an upcoming group art book!

PAUL LANDACRE  Sultry Day.  Wood engraving, 1937.

❧ Art and cats ❧ Paul Landacre, Sultry Day - 1937 wood engraving

Pat Perry - I like the high level of detail in this style of work and the surreal elaborate feel of it. I think mixing different images like people and scenes of animals is a good idea and could work really well.

Illustration by Pat Perry. Pat Perry is an artist and illustrator from Detroit.He works especially with pen, ink and watercolor. I think it's a beautiful illustration.

O artista e ilustrador James R. Eads usa cor e movimento para criar ilustrações de pessoas e da natureza. Inspirado pelos céus de Van Gogh seu estilo apresenta a conexão humana e o mundo natural.    Eads vive e Los Angeles e seu estúdio é aberto a...

Cores e movimento por James R. Eads

Swirling Illustrations by James R. Eads Explore Human Connections and the Natural World

Pan  "Ghost of the Forest" (Thanks to Matthew, for this share)    Art - by www.yanadhyana.deviantart.com

The White Stag is an important creature in myth and to many Pagan traditions. Herne God of the Forest and the Wild Hunt , Lord Of Stags Be Praised. [Ghost of Forest by ~yanadhyana]--like Miyazaki's Forest Spirit in Princess Mononoke

by Stephanie Pui-Man Law

Stephanie Law - watercolor painter, botanical illustrator and artist of fantastical dreamworld imagery.