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Papaya and Serrano Sling via BakersRoyale

Papaya and Serrano Sling

Recipe: Papaya Lassi with Cardamom

We've all probably tried a mango lassi at our favorite Indian restaurant, but have you ever tasted a papaya lassi? Full of sweetness and tang, this dreamy drink will cool you off and transport you to the subcontinent. (Hindi for 'All right!

Bourbon and Apple Cider Cocktail

For this our Food and Beverage Director Kirsten Gleaves shares this specialty cocktail that puts us in the mood for fall: The Ciderhouse – Housemade apple cider, accented with lemon juice, spiked with Kentucky Bourbon and garnished with an apple chip.

Homemade Iced Mocha!

My Newest Obsession. . .

Pumpkin Spiced Sangria

Pumpkin, Cinnamon & Apple Spiced Sangria

The Dragon Lady: a cocktail inspired by Daenerys from Game of Thrones -- complete with dragon fruit

10 Great Game of Thrones-Themed Cocktails

The Dragon Lady for Game of Thrones week.basically a mango margarita with a pinch of cayenne and some dragonfruit. Tasty, but not mind blowing. But very thematically appropriate, so there's that.

"How to Create the Perfect Pimms" by Red Anywhere Catering Dedicated to Mark who can't find any place in Seattle who makes this delicious cocktail. via Visual.ly

How to Create the Perfect Pimms Cocktail

A simple infographic on - How to Create the Perfect Pimm's Cocktail - so refreshing on a hot day.

Cranberry thyme gin & tonic

Cranberry Thyme Gin and Tonic

Cranberry Tonic cup fresh cranberries cup white granulated sugar cup water Splash of orange juice teaspoon pure vanilla extract Fresh English Thyme leaves Gin of choice (I used St. George) Tonic of choice (I used Fever Tree)

Blackberry Gin and Tonic.

What I'm Drinking: Blackberry Gin and Tonics

Spiked Sparkling Cider Made with Goldschlager...yum!

Spiked Sparkling Cider

Spiked Sparkling Cider Punch: In lg. bowl, combine cold Prosecco (or other dry sparkling wine), cold apple juice, cinnamon schnapps (like Goldschlager).

There's Nothing Old or Out of Fashion About the Old Fashioned Cocktail: Until I read Imbibe by David Wondrich, a wonderfully nerdy book about the history of boozin', I thought an old fashioned was bourbon served over ice, sugar, bitters, and a muddle of oranges and maraschino cherries.

Old Fashioned Cocktail

Old Fashioned Cocktail teaspoon granulated sugar 2 dashes Angostura bitters 2 ounces bourbon Ice teaspoon water 1 twist of lemon peel

Grilled Lemon, Chili & Passionfruit Cocktails - The Girl on Bloor | ChicChicFindings.etsy.com

These Grilled Lemon, Chili & Passionfruit Cocktails are the perfect refresher. Tasty and simple, the flavours will bring you straight to the tropics!

Day Drunk in Pajamas [Blushing Bourbon] | The Gouda Life

Day Drunk in Pajamas [Blushing Bourbon

Day Drunk in Pajamas - bourbon, grapefruit juice, syrup (grapefruit-peppercorn), peach bitters

Pineapple Upside Down Cake~A great Pineapple Upside Down Cake Drink made with SMIRNOFF Iced Cake Flavored Vodka. Sadly, I can't make a virgin version of this one,,,or CAN I? hmmm...

Pineapple Upside Down Cake

Pineapple Upside-Down Cake Drink Recipe: SMIRNOFF Iced Cake Flavored Vodka, orange juice, pineapple juice. Combine ingredients in a Highball glass over ice and top off with Club Soda. Garnish with sprinkles, a cherry and an orange slice.