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12-1-1904 Henry Ford - speed record of 147km on a frozen lake in St. Clair...Michigan

Van deze rode vlag word je wel vrolijk

These classic car commercials fascinate for many reasons. Not only do we get a rundown of the features on these cars and what was important to car buyers in .

1896 Winton automobile, Cleveland

Voitures d’Antan – Partie 2

wpe1D8.jpg (25657 bytes)    1900 Symmonds Runabout

Built by Robert Symmonds, Jr. Symmonds became connected with the Thomas B. Jeffery Company during the year of 1901 and later became general superintendent. This is claimed to be the first automobile built in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Washington, D.C., circa 1908. "Mrs. F.S. Bliven in auto."

1907 Franklin Model D roadster with the wife and daughter the Franklin Automobile Company’s owner

St. Louis Light Tonneau '1903

St. Louis Light Tonneau '1903

Maxwell Model L et S, voiture routière de 1905 La Maxwell Model L et S, photo d'époque, cette ancienne voiture fut construite en 1905.

You are looking at an inspiring photograph of Small Car. It was created around The illustration presents Henry, Guy, Mrs.

Henry Ford with his first car in 1896.  Start small and carry on!

1896 Ford Quadricycle with Henry Ford seated - his first car -~Known as the horseless carriage~

Typical 1906 Runabout

American Automobiles - The Average Man's Runabout Automobile and The Adams Automobile Co. of Hiawatha, Kansas 1906

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