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In the spirit of doing work and keeping things awesome, we decided we should share some of our most favorite women comic artists of 2016 (and a few beyond).

One villain Marvel will NEVER be able to top. The Joker is a villain that can never be beaten by anything Marvel can come up with he is now and forever will be the worst villain ever

Shmer... the feels Starfire and Red X

Shmer... the feels Starfire and Red X

BATGIRL_50Es la conclusión explosiva de la épica que cambió Barbara Gordon siempre! El enemigo está al acecho en los bordes de la vida de Batgirl se ha puesto de manifiesto, al igual que la banda de los héroes reunidos para ayudarla! A partir de ahora, Batgirl no camina solo! Es una celebración extra tamaño del mayor héroe Burnside ha conocido, desde Cameron Stewart, Brenden Fletcher y Babs Tarr!

(Batgirl of Burnside) Spoiler, Black Canary, Batgirl, Frankie Charles and Nightwing

League of (Disney)Ladies by Dreemers ==> I have no interest in League of Legends, but who cares GIVE ME ALL OF THE DISNEY FANATIC PLEASE ♡♡♡

League of (Disney)Ladies by Dreemers

Disney women portrayed as “League of Legends” characters. I don't play that game but I really like this fanart/mash-up a lot!


starfire and nightwing comics Gambit, Dazzler, Boom Boom vs Starfire, Nightwing, Raven