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Black Sabbath. Concert Hall in Winnipeg, February 22, 1971.  My first ever concert.  Had no idea how epic that would one day be.

Black Sabbath [Ozzy Osbourne (vocals) Tony Iommi (guitar), Geezer Butler, (bass guitar), and Bill Ward (percussion)]

Cliff Burton (1962 - 1986) Bass player for Metallica, he was the driving force of the band in the early days but was killed when their tour bus was involved in a wreck in Sweden.

Cliff Burton February September 1986 In September while riding on their tour bus to Stockholm, Sweden, their next tour stop, the band's bus had an accident, flipped on its side and killed Cliff Burton instantly.

This is entirely true. Always questioned for the type of music I listen to and that its just screaming. Its not, at all.

My music scares people because of the screaming but would they listen to it if it did scream! The meaning is more important then the screaming


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My dad believes in second chances. So I have this big "adopted" family of death metal people, people who have gone to jail repeatedly, and recovered drug addicts, and I feel more safe around them than the preppy, blood related side of my family.

im like mum no stahp wait danny's voice is like butter and this song has so much value in it plis Pisses me off when they don't even try to listen to you and don't let u talk like parents why cant u understand ugh

Are you a metalhead or are you into heavy metal music? We will give you the most relatable problems.

FOB could have been a metal band...let's all just think about that for a moment

FOB could have been a metal band.let's all just think about that for a moment << Heavy metal broke my *dun dun* HEART

Slayer Write a Song About Death; Water Continues to be Wet

KERRY KING guitarist for the American thrash metal band Slayer.

I have been a fan of Metallica for literally decades! Been to a few concerts too!


Metallica Probably my favorite band of all time.) I've loved them since I was 15 yrs old.

Lemmy Kilmister, founding member and singer in British heavy metal band Motörhead, lived as loudly as he played

Lemmy of Motörhead – a life in pictures

Motörhead’s inimitable frontman, who disowned his genre and disregarded his band’s totemic status, will remain loved for his articulate grit and realism