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CUADROSTOCK.COM Tienda online de cuadros.

Gaumont Palace 1914

Gaumont Palace 1914

Indochine (1992)

Historical Dictionary of French Cinema (Historical Library User Group

Foyer of the Lyceum, Glasgow

The Front Lobby (Wanamaker) Ft. (Government) Level: Store Department/Cafeteria (Government) Level: Housing the Military Canteen Services.

Cinema (Electric House,2016)

Without Prejudice going to Electric Cinema, Notting Hill this weekend.

1930s movie theater lobby

Paramount Theatre Lobby - Brooklyn, NY, what happened to these gorgeous old movie houses?

The Cinema (especially one that has an old-fashioned air) gives me that special feeling...

Old Fashioned Cinemas-Did you Know: On March Britain’s first cinema opened in Piccadilly Circus in London. It was called the Regent Street Cinema and the first film to be shown was the Lumiere Brothers Moving Picture Show.

Illinois, 1951

I remember the late early but then our local 7 27 400 Drive-in's closed,Bummer what where they thinking. Drive-in-movie theater, Illinois, 1951

Lights, Camera, Action

Walt Disney's toughest creative task when he made the movie Snow White involved the Evil Queen.

Golden Age Hollywood

Golden Age Hollywood

these old movie theaters were so fun to go to...

these old movie theaters were so fun to go cnts to get in, 5 cnts for popcorn, coke, and candy bar Each! Saturday Double Feature for 25 Cents!