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I started playing the Baritone Saxophone when I was in 8th grade. I thought the Bari Sax was going to be my least favorite instrument but it soon became my favorite instrust. My senior year of high school I got to perform a solo at my last concert accompanied by the band.

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♫♪  ♪♫♥.....La música es el corazón de la vida. Por ella habla el amor; sin ella no hay bien posible y con ella todo es hermoso. Franz Liszt

I used to play saxophone back in the day. Such a beautiful instrument. I'm going to start playin it again

Cannonball Vintage Series saxophones are designed specifically for those desiring a classic sound, look, and feel. These beautifully classic instruments capture the compact core, lively resonance, and focused projection of horns from the early and mid 1900s. Each saxophone is hand-engraved by artisans. Pictured is “The Brute” aged brass.

Cannonball Vintage Series saxophones mid Pictured is “The Brute” aged brass.