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Wotter - realistic Pokemon

A sort of quick picture in Shi Painter this time. Felt like doing a less stylized version of wott. More Realistic Wotter

Kabutops - realistic Pokemon

100 Realistic Pokemons Brought to Life through Art


Image Detail for - Legendary Pokemon - Legendary Pokemon Fan Art - Fanpop .

Pokémon Go Posters

Pokémon Go Posters

I love how each person is looking at these huge monstrous creatures and, instead of running, are video recording them on their cell phones or playing Pokémon go

-Feraligatr- by arvalis

Realistic Pokemon by RJ Palmer (part 1)

Google Image Result for http://fc08.deviantart.net/fs71/i/2011/222/8/4/suicune__s_crystal_lake_by_leashe-d463lkn.jpg

Another amazing artist. Love this entire scene Suicune's Crystal Lake by Leashe on deviantART

My competitive battling emblem

Which House Do You Belong To? Pyroar [Gryffindor] (X & Y), Serperior [Slytherin] (Unova), Linoone [Hufflepuff] (Hoenn), or Pidgeot [Ravenclaw] (Kanto)

25 Disturbingly Realistic Pokemon | SMOSH

Check out this awesome gallery of disturbingly realistic Pokemon art by some amazing artists.