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if i could pull off the whole body tattoed id do it ...Kat Von D is just beautiful

I really did the idea of having craters on the moon tattoo. The face is okay but not really what I am looking for.

Kat Von D, a tatuadora que jamais tem preguiça de se produzir

Kat Von D

Kat Von D, doin work. I am putting in a request for a few tattoo's from her. I want both of my boys on me and I don't want them to look messed up. She is the best at portraits in my opinion.

Kat Von D - Personalidade que dita moda.

Kat Von D. Though she may be a bit crazy, she's my style icon. I love the tattoo/pin-up girl combo.

So beautiful. I'd love to rock this hairdo and eye make-up soon x

Kat von D Seven Days of Kat von D by Lionel Deluy

Hey @deandri! Piaf and I are totally f*ckin ready for your party tomorrow!! ❤️ [deatchable collar bib by: @DEANDRI]

my bf he just doesnt know yet :)